Greening Laboratories

March 21st, 2013

The Motivation

Green Chemistry holds the promise to create healthier and less wasteful products, processes, and working environments. But what if the labs in which chemicals are used and created are themselves unhealthy and wasteful? Laboratories serve as logical places to start implementing greener practices.

PPRC is partnering with the Green Lab Alliance and others to promote best practices and resources for improving the sustainability of lab environments.



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Resources and info Page: PPRC has compiled an extensive Resources and Information Page on Green Laboratory Practices. Check out this growing resource to get more info on green lab practices, problems, debates, solutions, contacts, and sources.

Webinars: Check out our recent joint webinar presentation with the Green Lab Alliance: “Green Chemistry and Sustainable Laboratory Practices.” This webinar is a good place to learn green and sustainable laboratory basics, and establish a framework for next steps.

Topic Hubs: PPRC has compiled information on green practices at Biotech research facilities. Read our Biotech Topic Hub to learn more.

Rapid Response Service: As always, if you have a specific question or problem related to sustainable laboratory processes, we encourage you to tap our Rapid Response Service. This free service exists to provide quick and well-researched answers to any questions you might have about pollution prevention.


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