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What is Rapid Response?

PPRC provides free and well-researched answers to specific questions about pollution prevention. We provide thorough and unbiased answers to help you make decisions. We offer a staff of seasoned problem solvers with diverse expertise in manufacturing processes, chemical engineering, energy efficiency, and many other fields. If we can’t answer your question, we will point you to the contacts or resources that can.

How Do I Ask a Question?

Please e-mail any Rapid Response questions HERE. We prioritize questions from small businesses or agencies, but we seek to help everyone that our resources allow. So if you are a small business, sustainability manager, technical assistance provider, or even government agency, please ask us a specific pollution prevention question.

Capture_Rapid Response_BPA in ReceiptsWhat Problems Has PPRC Solved in the Past?

Over the years, PPRC has answered a broad and impressive range of Rapid Response questions. Though we respond to custom or unique questions, we publish some of the most interesting questions and answers so that those with similar questions can benefit. Here is a list of some of the recent Rapid Responses:






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