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Sports venues in America have tremendous potential to reduce their environmental impact by greening operations and engaging fans in green initiatives. PPRC’s “Greening Sports” project is designed to complement efforts by the Green Sports Alliance, U.S. EPA, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and others to help teams, venues, and leagues improve their environmental and economic performance. To assist these efforts, PPRC provides technical assistance and resources such as:

  • The Greening Sports Directory: Helps sports facilities connect with regional help to green all aspects of business.
  • Greening Sports College Summit: Find presentations from the 2015 summit on a variety of ways that athletic and sports programs can engage students, fans, and alumni in making collegiate sports socially, economically, and environmentally responsible.
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention: Prevent stormwater pollution by implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs)
  • Rapid Response Service: Efficient answers to your most vexing sports pollution prevention questions.
  • E-Waste Directory: Host a successful E-Waste collection drive.
  • Success Stories: Learn from the successes of other organizations.
  • Other Resources: As momentum gathers to green sports, a number of organizations are producing excellent resources. Find them here.
  • Upcoming Events: Conferences and summits serve as rich ways to share ideas and work toward greener solutions. See what’s coming up.

Greening Sports DirectoryCapture_GSD_Puget Sound

Explore the first-ever concise and comprehensive Directory of local, regional, and national contacts to help sports facility managers green their operations. The directory includes dozens of metropolitan regions throughout the country, and we will be adding more throughout 2015.

Greening Sports College Summit 

The fifth annual Collegiate Sports Sustainability Summit was held June 24-26, 2015, at Purdue University, in Indiana. The Summit offered attendees the chance to network, learn, and exchange ideas with peers from around the country. Click here to see PDF versions of presentations from the event. Presentations cover a variety of ways that athletic and sports programs can engage students, fans, and alumni in making collegiate sports socially, economically, and environmentally responsible.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention for Sports Facilities

Sports facilities often maintain lots of hard surfaces – parking lots, sidewalks, stadiums, and even fields. These surfaces collect pollutants that precipitation runoff carries directly into our waterways.

We created a manual to help sports facilities reduce their impacts on surrounding water bodies:

As part of the above manual, Individual Best Management Practices (BMPs) address different aspects of managing stormwater. Individual BMP Topics can be found here:

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Greening Sports Rapid Response Service

PPRC is pleased to expand our Rapid Response service to cover questions relating to any environmental challenges experienced at your sports facilities, as you work to develop greener operations. We will provide free and confidential research to help you make the right decisions.

E-Waste Directory

Sports facilities and teams offer great forums for electronic waste (e-waste) collection drives. As the Green Sports Alliance (GSA) says in its E-Waste Playbook, an e-waste drive “offers a useful service to communities, prevents hazardous materials from being improperly disposed of, and provides an opportunity to engage with sponsors and fans in a meaningful way.” But where to start?

PPRC helped compile a comprehensive E-Waste Directory of resources that can help your sports team or venue host a successful collection drive. The directory lists e-Steward certified recyclers and haulers in all 50 states. Also, the directory lists local government contacts that can help you deal with any red tape or take advantage of financial incentives. Sports teams large and small – from Little League to the pros – can join the action and make a positive difference in the way our e-waste is recycled.

The Directory is also searchable by professional sport (and surrounding metro areas):

Success Stories

The Vancouver Canucks, a founding member of the Green Sports Alliance, are one of many organizations making great strides to green their facilities. The team’s home, Rogers Arena, has accomplished tremendous reductions in waste as well as emissions from fan transportation. PPRC compiled a report on the successes and challenges of the arena’s Zero Waste program, which started in 2012. See the report HERE.

Other Greening Sports Resourcespub-cover-solar-guide

  • EPA’s Green Sports Web Page – All in one place, for the first time ever, EPA has created a  guiding users to dozens of EPA programs and resources that help sports teams, facilities, fans, and leagues green their sports operations. The web page also showcases green sports benefits, success stories, calculators, recognition programs, and additional resources.
  • Solar Electric Guide for Stadiums or Arenas – A clear guide to developing on-site solar generation at professional and collegiate sports stadiums and arenas. The guide offers steps to take, tips to succeed, case studies, and more, including a searchable list of state financial incentives (grants, loans, rebates, tax credits, and more) relevant to any athletic facility considering solar. Learn more about the guide in this blog post.
  • Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Green Sports Advisor – A web-based resource guide designed to help each team and facility operator identify what they can do in their specific city and facility to pursue environmentally superior operations and supply chain options. Greening Advisors provide specialty info for the MLB, NFL, NBA, MLS, and USTA. For resources tailored to college teams, check out the NRDC’s Collegiate Green Sports Advisor.
  • NRDC’s Game Changer Page – The NRDC is collecting reports on the North American sport’s industry’s most successful greening initiatives. See dozens of reports in addition to the Canucks report above.
  • NRDC’s Guide to Composting at Sports Venues – This guide assists stadiums and arenas in increasing their diversion of food and yard wastes for beneficial use.
  • NRDC’s Quick Start Guide to Composting at Sports Venues – Want condensed info? The most crucial composting tips? This is the place to start.

Upcoming Events

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