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FOG Prevention Training Additional Resources

Here you’ll find some useful resources vetted to aid your FOG know-how and needs. Resources include:


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  • The Sewer Use Ordinance (SUO) – The SUO is a vital first step in dealing with waste water discharges. The SUO provides the legal authority to condition or prohibit discharges, to control discharges through permitting, to require periodic reports, to inspect non-domestic facilities and to take enforcement action. Below are some model sewer use ordinances that can be used to create or enhance a sewer use ordinance. Keep in mind that plumbing and building codes may vary.
    • USEPA has a model SUO available in Word or PDF
    • EPA Region 10 has a model SUO published March 2012 in PDF
    • The Missouri DNR  Financial Assistance Center has created this model SUO in Word
    • The City of Virginia beach SUO specifically addresses FOG
    • The Plumbing and Drainage Institute has a model SUO in Word
  • FOG booklet with sewer and stormwater information.  Clean Water Services will provide this file to programs that wish to insert their own contact information and use the booklet as a handout.  Available in English or Spanish.
  • Templates for FOG control plan form and a sample FOG control plan
  • Plumbing Codes can vary from State to State, although trap and interceptor requirements are usually found in chapter 10.  View the plumbing code adopted by:
  • Advanced Programs can use the EPA’s Capacity, Management, Operations and Maintenance checklist to benchmark program performance.
  • General Resource pages can be found from:
    • Clean Water Services website
    • North Carolina Division of Environmental Assistance website
    • The American Public Works Association website


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