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In serving as a resource for pollution prevention material, PPRC convenes regional conferences, events, and webinars on a variety of pollution prevention topics. Below you will find a collection of these useful resources, organized as:

  • Webinars: View webinars on a broad range of pollution prevention topics.
  • Presentations: View presentations from PPRC’s Roundtable and other regional events.
  • Topic Hubs: Visit our Topic Hubs site to see in-depth pollution prevention information that is tailored to specific industries.



PPRC’s Webinars

Here is a list of recent webinars that PPRC has hosted or helped to organize:

  • (March 2019) Spray Efficiency Training and EPA’s 6H Surface Coating Rule – USEPA’s surface coating NESHAP (National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants) requires painters to receive both classroom and hands-on training in techniques to minimize paint overspray, reduce the use of hazardous materials and reduce the generation of hazardous waste.  Companies have shown savings of up to 20% to more than 30% after implementing these techniques.  This webinar discusses the 6H Rule in general and how and to whom it applies, as well as covering some efficiency techniques with a well-documented history of success.  Presenters include: Lissa McCracken from the Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center and Ken Grimm, PPRC’s Industry Outreach Manager.
  • (August 2018) Understanding Refrigerants: Challenges and Best Practices – Recent technology advances provide options for refrigerant end-users to remain compliant, save money, and provide high-quality for their customers. This webinar discusses the compliance challenges and opportunities to improve their bottom line for food retailers.  Presenters include: Morgan Smith with North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council, Keilly Witman with KW Refrigeration Strategy and Ben Jarvus with Idaho Department of Environmental Quality. Join us to learn about refrigeration regulations and how to connect refrigerant end-users with the right resources.
  • (May, 2015) Safer Alternatives in the Auto Repair Industry – What are the most important and effective safer alternatives for auto shops? This webinar discusses how auto shops can have an effective product substitution program. It also reviews changes implemented by a top-tier Envirostars shop and  looks at ways to improve waste designation. Presenters include: Larry Garcia with Seattle City Light; Mike Vincent with Seattle Fleet Management; Dave Winters, Co-Owner or Swedish Automotive; and Scott Lamb, with the Washington Department of Ecology.
  • (February, 2014) Sustainable Turf Management for Collegiate Sports – This webinar looks at  best practices for maintaining the safety, and reducing the environmental impact of, both natural and artificial turf. Presenters include Dr. John Sorachan, with University of Tennessee, Dr, Beth Guertal, with Auburn University, and Dr. Andrew McNitt, with Penn State University.
  • (March, 2013) Green Chemistry and Sustainable Laboratory PracticesThis webinar, broadcast in association with the Green Lab Alliance, is a good place to learn green and sustainable laboratory basics, and establish a framework for next steps. Presenters include Jill Tepe of the Green Lab Alliance, Brian Penttila of PPRC, David Simpkins of CellNetix, and Kristi Budzinski of Genentech.
  • (January, 2013) Measurement Tools for P2, Green House Gases, and Cost Savings – EPA, Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, presents an overview of P2 tools designed to help measure the environmental and economic performance results of pollution prevention activities. Hear how newly designed tools can demonstrate the unique multi-media perspective that P2 brings to reduce GHG reductions and cost savings. Natalie Hummel and Kathy Davey of the Pollution Prevention Division present. View Slides.



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Topic Hubs

Info Resources 5Topic Hubs provide in-depth reports on pollution prevention issues faced by specific industries or sectors. They are subject specific resource guides. Visit our Topic Hubs Directory to see reports on sectors from aerospace to auto body shops to schools to ski areas.

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