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Economy, Energy, and the Environment (E3)


    A Northwest Regional Approach to the Federal E3 Framework

    The E3: Economy, Energy and the Environment program helps small- to medium-sized American manufacturers reduce waste, improve the efficiency of their operations, and position their firms to be more competitive in the global marketplace through a combined technical assessment process. E3 brings together federal agencies, states and local communities for a broad discussion on how to connect respective programs to deliver responsive, coordinated solutions in a manufacturing environment. State and local communities use the E3 framework to help boost local economies to achieve their sustainability goals.
In these challenging economic times, manufacturers are striving to adopt sustainability into their overall business strategies, for bottom line improvement and to demonstrate stewardship. Small to medium-sized manufacturers may lack information and tools to integrate practical, sustainable approaches in their operations.
In Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska, state, local, and federal partners have been working together to promote E3 projects in the region. Learn about these MEPs in each state and their processes.

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