EcoBiz Certification Program

ecobiz-LOGOPPRC provides on-the-ground technical assistance and outreach for the Oregon based, Eco-Logical Business Program. EcoBiz is an environmental certification that recognizes Oregon auto repair & body shops, carwashes, landscapers, and public agencies that adopt best practices and prevent pollution.

EcoBiz was founded by the Pollution Prevention Outreach (P2O) Team; a group that includes members from Oregon DEQ, City of Portland, City of Gresham, Clean Water Services, Clackamas County, Metro, and Washington County. Statewide, 100 automotive businesses, 25 landscapers, and 20 public agencies are EcoBiz certified.

EcoBiz is a multi-media certification and covers the following topics:

  • Hazardous waste management
  • Air quality & pollution
  • Spill prevention & response
  • Product & waste storage
  • Energy and water use
  • Cleaning practices
  • Purchasing & Inventory
  • Recycling practices
  • Employee training
  • Vehicle washing and stormwater

AutoShop_croppedCertified businesses receive publicity through printed advertising and other media coverage. EcoBiz certification allows a business to market its sustainable practices to its clientele. Since many Oregon consumers are going “green”, certification helps businesses attract new clients. EcoBiz certification for auto body shops not only promotes many multi-media ecological business practices, it helps body shops go above and beyond compliance with the new EPA air toxics rule and often saves them money on top of that!

Contact EcoBiz Manager Brittney Wendell: or at T 206.352.2050 ext. 106 


EcoBiz team at the 100th Certification