2021 Virtual P2 Roundtable A Success

P2 West: Inspiration, Innovation, & Implementation

The P2 West: Inspiration, Innovation and Implementation Conference is an EPA Region 9 and 10 Pollution Prevention Regional Roundtable partnership.  This premier event brought together hundreds of P2 Technical Assistance Providers, Green Business Programs, Sustainability Experts, and Zero Waste and Pretreatment Professionals working with small businesses and industry to reduce pollution.  Sessions and topics included:   


Full session recordings and presentations are available here.   

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Many thanks to the 2021 Advisory Committee: Alex Bertoluccci, Oregon DEQ, Belinda Breidenbach, Idaho SBDC, Ben Jarvis, Idaho DEQ, Brian Clapp, U.S. EPA, Brittney Wendell, PPRC, Cassie Carroll, GBENN, Chris Lynch, Nevada BEP, Ed Gonzalez, PPRC, Gail Zuzuki-Jones, Hawaii Green Business Program, Hugh O’Neill, Washington Ecology, Jean Waters, PPRC, Jen Jackson, City of San Francisco, Jessica Count-Arnold, U.S. EPA, Jo Fleming, CA Green Bsusiness Network, John Katz U.S. EPA, Kami Snowden Tribal Solid Waste Authority Network, Kat Compton, U.S. EPA, Ken Grimm, PPRC, Ken Zarker, Washington Ecology, Kristy Fry, U.S. EPA, Krysta Thornton, PPRC, Lisa Cox, Oregon DEQ, Michelle Gaither, PPRC, Myles Perkins, Washington Ecology, Singe Lindquist, Cascadia Consulting, Stephanie Thomas Cascadia Consulting, Tyyo Chase, Arizona DEQ.