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Oregon Metals Industry Roundtable

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The Oregon DEQ and PPRC Present the

Oregon Metals Industry Roundtables  


Our next Roundtable Event is virtual – on February 23, 2002, 10am to 11:30am

Building Your Toxics Reduction Team (Part 1)  

Learn how to build a team with internal and external partners to strengthen pollution prevention goals and activities.  

About the Metals Industry Roundtables:  Oregon metal shops, finishers, and manufacturers are invited to join your peers in a series of free, voluntary, non-regulatory industry roundtables to identify, share, and get technical assistance for best practices in reducing chemical hazards. Roundtables include presentation(s) and networking.

This is an opportunity to collaborate with your peers to prevent the use of toxic chemicals, create a safer workplace and community, reduce regulatory obligations and operating costs, and integrate green chemistry and engineering concepts.

The metals industry of Oregon cares about preventing pollution, safety of its workers and community, and saving money – all of which can be accomplished by switching to safer chemicals.  An Oregon DEQ Metals Manufacturing & Finishing survey in 2019 found that 76% of metal industry respondents have at times used a safer/less toxic chemical substitute. Additionally, the survey showed that 72% of respondents are extremely familiar with the hazards associated with chemicals in current use at their facility. 

The first Roundtable occurred May 12, 2021.  Topics and recorded presentations are linked below. 

The second Roundtable occurred September 22, 2021.   Topics and presentation slides are linked below. 

The third Roundtable will occur February 23, 2022 (noted above). 

Contact Brittney Wendell bwendell@pprc.org to be added to announcements for future Roundtables.

Roundtable Dates and Topics

Date Topics
May 12, 2021 Safer Alternatives to Vapor Degreasing.  Presenter:  Katy Wolf, Ph.D
  Industry Presentation:  Process Reduction of Zinc Reduces Stormwater Loading.  Presenter:  Scott Stewart, Blount International (Starts at 43:00 minutes) 
September 22, 2021 Getting the Most from your Toxic Use and Hazardous Waste Reduction (TUHWR) Plan.  Presenter:  Alex Bertolucci, Oregon DEQ  (Review of plan basics and benefits of updating. Interactive worksheets and examples provided).
  Industry Presentation: Boeing Portland Toxic Use Reduction and Hazardous Waste Journey.  Presenter:  John Rusoff, Boeing Portland.

February 23, 2022

Building Your Toxcs Reduction Team, Part 1 
April 27,2022 Building Your Toxcs Reduction Team, Part 2
June 29, 2022 Tools & Resources
August 24, 2022 Putting Pollution Prevention Into Action

Pollution Prevention Literature and Resources for Metal Industries


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