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Safer Alternatives for Boatyards


The Motivation

Puget Sound has been contaminated by pollutants stemming from a myriad of activities such as development, urbanization, population growth, loss of habitat, and growing industrial activity. Some of the contaminants and pollutants found in the Sound include, but are not limited to: PCBs, Phthalates and Toxic heavy metals (copper, lead, zinc, etc.). These hazardous contaminants pose an immediate and imminent danger to the health of human, animal, and plant life surrounding the Sound. The contaminants disproportionately affect communities that live along the Duwamish River corridor.

The Project

This project aims to prevent and reduce toxics entering the Puget Sound by working with commercial and Do It Yourself (DIY) boat restorers and refinishers. The project aims to create awareness about toxics and safer alternative practices in highly impacted communities. We are currently aiming to host a series of educational workshops along the Duwamish Cooridor. We will also develop a series of easy-to-use fact sheets and a short video about best management practices for safer alternatives to common solvents and other toxic materials used in boat restoration and refinishing.

More information to come soon!

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