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Pollution Prevention Assessment

The Motivation

Industrial engineer writing on notepad in factoryTo maintain competitiveness, manufacturers continually seek more efficient and sustainable practices. A P2 assessment can save businesses both resources and money.  If your business has environmental goals, or challenges with waste, water, energy, or toxics use and exposure, we can help. We are currently offering this assessment FREE to any participating business.


The Program

After collecting baseline metrics, PPRC will conduct a facility site visit. With the help of your staff, we create a Process Map to facilitate a holistic assessment of your facility’s input and output flows. Based on the visit and our analysis, we will provide a number of P2 recommendations, including low-cost/no-cost opportunities and a cost-benefit analysis. PPRC is also available for follow-on assistance to help design and implement solutions that will achieve pollution reduction goals.

P2 Assessments can help businesses:

  • Reduce use of and exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Eliminate wastes and waste costs
  • Improve water efficiency and stormwater quality
  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions

If you’re interested in participating, please contact Michelle Gaither, Industrial Engineer: mgaither@pprc.org

What Do We Ask of Participants?

We ask only that participants are stakeholders in the project and implement two of the non-capital, cost-saving recommendations that make good business sense.



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