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Sustainable Brewing Workshop, Bellingham – A Recap

October 4, 2016

On Wednesday, September 28, Boundary Bay Brewery in Bellingham hosted a workshop that shared a host of resources available to breweries looking to minimize their environmental impact while also saving money. The event was held in Boundary Bay’s beautiful Mountain Room, fermentation tanks bubbling away in the background.

  • boundary-bay_workshopPPRC’s Michelle Gaither kicked off the event with an overview of all the successful innovations on display at breweries around the Northwest. Breweries large and small are saving money while reducing water, energy, wastewater, and waste. [See Michelle’s presentation here].
  • Mark Peterson of Sustainable Connections, an organization that knits Bellingham together by building a vibrant local economy built on sustainable practices, presented on a number of exemplary local programs and resources. Sustainable Connections has helped several local breweries make profitable improvements to their energy and waste management. [See Mark’s presentation here].
  • Puget Sound Energy’s (PSE) Hunter Hassig presented a slew of energy efficiency and cost-savings opportunities available via PSE to breweries around the Northwest. [See Hunter’s presentation here].
  • boundary-bay-logoBoundary Bay’s facility engineer, Adam Lent, provided an in-depth tour of the brewery’s historic and unique operations. Lent, who has seen Boundary Bay through a number of expansions, advised brewers to plan for the future by installing infrastructure that allows for redundancy as well as cost-effective  expansion. For example, Lent showed off the brewery’s energy efficient water heating and cooling systems, both of which can be expanded by adding expansion units rather than installing new systems.

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