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Solarize Kirkland Generates Solar System for Kirkland Nonprofit

February 1, 2016

The solar contractor with the Solarize Kirkland program has announced a donation that will make the new year even brighter for a Kirkland nonprofit. Northwest Electric & Solar announced it is donating a rooftop solar system to Kirkland’s Friends of Youth, a nonprofit that operates youth shelters and offers youth development, family support, and counseling options for young parents and families.

NWElecLogoPDF-page-001Northwest Electric & Solar pledged to donate the 3.36 kW solar panel system valued at over $16,000 when it reached the campaign’s goal of 25 installations as a way to thank the Kirkland community for making the Solarize Kirkland campaign so successful. As of January 1, 2016, the Solarize Kirkland campaign has organized 41 contracts that represent a total capacity of 232 kW.

“It’s been great to work with the community of Kirkland to bring the Solarize Kirkland campaign to my hometown,” said Derek White, president and CEO of Northwest Electric & Solar. “With the current federal and state incentives available, and our really great Solarize campaign pricing, Kirkland residents have embraced the opportunity to ensure their energy future now when solar panels are so affordable. This is just a small token of our gratitude for the support the community has given us and we are happy to make a difference for such a worthy nonprofit organization.”

Friends of Youth“We are thrilled to be chosen to receive a donated solar array as part of the Solarize Kirkland campaign,” said Terry Pottmeyer, president and CEO of Friends of Youth, headquartered in Kirkland. “Not only will this donation create a renewable energy source for one of our buildings, it will allow us to invest the money we save on our electric bill in the children, youth, and families we serve.”

PPRC, which helped organize the successful first year of a two-year Solarize Kirkland campaign, invited the first 25 homeowners to purchase solar systems to participate in a committee that selected the nonprofit to receive the gifted solar system. The committee chose Friends of Youth from among several other worthy nonprofits because of the facility’s visibility to the community, its educational potential, and because it serves a large number of people.

“The solar array will help Kirkland reduce its community greenhouse gas emissions (GHG’s), help citizens become more energy independent, and light the way for increased net zero energy home construction,” said David Barnes, City of Kirkland Associate Planner and Green Team Co-Chair. The City of Kirkland was a key partner in the Solarize campaign, working to streamline the permitting process, and supporting the program as part of its commitment to clean energy as part of the King County Climate Collaboration.

The installation of the donated system will take place at the end of March or early April. Please stay tuned for an event announcement and an opportunity to celebrate the addition of more clean, renewable energy to Kirkland.


About Solarize Kirkland: Solarize Kirkland aims to help Kirkland’s residents be able to purchase affordable, clean energy to power their homes and businesses. The campaign is a partnership between the City of Kirkland, PPRC, Puget Sound Energy, and Northwest Sustainable Energy for Economic Development (SEED). Funding for the Solarize program came from the WA Dept. of Commerce through a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.


-Cyrus Philbrick,

Communications Manager

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