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GiveBIG to PPRC on Tuesday, Travel Back to 1991

April 29, 2016

300x600_GIVEBIG-PROMOTuesday, May 3, is GiveBIG, the biggest day of giving in the Seattle area. The event helps support hundreds of deserving nonprofits. We hope that during this day you keep in mind PPRC and the long-term value of pollution prevention. Your donation will support programs that improve both the environmental and economic health of our region.

This year is also PPRC’s 25th anniversary. To commemorate the organization’s birth year, we’re giving away the below hand-picked 1991 memorabilia to random donors. Though we hope you donate to PPRC because you believe in the organization and pollution prevention, we thought that offering a few 25-year-old throwback gifts would be a quirky way to relive 1991 and some of the spirit that surrounded the organization’s birth.

To qualify for a prize drawing, all you need to do is donate 25 dollars or more. You can donate at any point during May 3 by visiting PPRC’s donation page.

Here’s a list of the Throwback Prizes we’ll be giving away over the course of the day. All are 1991 originals and, I think, worth revisiting for different reasons. We may be adding another prize or two over the next few days, so stay tuned!

  • 6094369C-F92A-4ECB-AA4E-9E5E432D4338Terry Tempest Williams’ Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and PlaceAn extended meditation on how human cycles fit within natural ones. Williams pits conventionally natural forces — death and western wildlife and the flooding of the Great Salt Lake – against unnatural human interventions – nuclear testing and cancer and water infrastructure. Williams describes how our geographies shape our bodies and minds. This is environmental writing of a deeply human kind. What is natural? What is, and what could be, our place in the natural world?


  • 690E9072-01E8-428A-81B2-4F12A0CEA98FThe Pixies’ Trompe le Monde (vinyl) – Maybe the least-listened to album in The Pixies cannon. But this one has it all: quirky sci-fi lyrics, heavy doses of punk, satire, and stabs of raw emotion. If you like alternative rock at all, you owe it to yourself to get this album. The Pixies changed the rock game. Also, in a weird connection to Terry Tempest Williams, the song “Palace of the Brine” is a sort of a tribute to the Great Salt Lake, and sea monkeys.


  • BE1D4A6C-F119-4FED-A3B6-E0211A32E766Seattle Seahawks 1990’s Ball cap – Okay, we can’t guarantee that this comes from 1991. But it’s a super styling early 90’s cap. Plus, the Seahawks are a lot better in 2016 than they were 25 years ago, so now you’ve got the best of both worlds – style and substance!




  • C9226DBA-2392-404B-B813-31D1A639234AJohn McPhee’s Looking for a Ship — We think John McPhee is the most eloquent journalist of our time. And we’re not alone. Looking for a Ship was a finalist for the 1991 Pulitzer Prize. We haven’t read it, but we can guarantee it is informative, intelligent, interesting, and will make you think about at least one subject in an entirely new way. Oh, it will also be beautifully written. McPhee’s sentences sing. This one is a modern seafaring adventure story. Enjoy!

NOTE: If you want to be considered for just one specific prize above, please note this in an email to Cyrus (cphilbrick@pprc.org). Otherwise, every donor (except prize winners) will be eligible for every prize; you’ll be embracing the power of randomness! So 1991!


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