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Solarize Kirkland

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The Motivation

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The City of Kirkland partnered with PPRC to initiate the Solarize Kirkland program that helped Kirkland’s residents purchase affordable, clean energy to power their homes and businesses. 

The Project

By organizing a group purchase, or “bulk buy,” the campaign helped Kirkland residents and businesses achieve an affordable and successful solar installation. This type of program has been widely successful across regions including Seattle, Snohomish County, and more broadly on a national scale, from Portland to New York – with savings as much as 20% on average when compared to acquiring solar systems independently.

In bringing more solar power to Kirkland, PPRC was proud to partner with Puget Sound EnergyNW Sustainable Energy for Economic Development (SEED) and Solarize Washington.NWElecLogoPDF-page-001

In June of 2015, Kirkland’s volunteer contractor selection committee chose Northwest Electric & Solar to be the exclusive contractor for the Kirkland Solarize campaign. Northwest Electric & Solar has an excellent reputation in the Seattle area for its professionalism and experience.

Project Results

  • As of April, 2017, when the program’s installations were completed, the Solarize Kirkland program was responsible for 64 solar systems that produce about 400 kW of power.
  • Read a testimonial from one Kirkland family who installed solar on their home in 2015.
  • In 2016, as a thank you to the Kirkland community for making the program a successful one, Northwest Electric & Solar donated a solar array to Friends of Youth to offset the costs of operating their headquarters building. In 2017, Northwest Electric & Solar donated a solar system to Attain Housing, a local nonprofit that provides housing and support services for homeless families.

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Workshop Presentations

In 2015 to 2016, a series of Community Workshops informed citizens interested in solar power about the benefits and costs of installing a system in Washington state.


Useful Resources for Those Considering Solar Power

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