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Request for Proposal Frequently Asked Questions

Below we will publish frequently asked questions from vendors about the Request for Proposal:

Q. Didn’t Bellevue do a Solarize campaign last year? Was there not enough response from the first time?

A. The Solarize Bellevue campaign was so successful last year that the City and PPRC are starting the second phase of the campaign.

Q. In the past, we have seen solarize campaigns containing pricing tiers vs. just one flat price. Are you looking for companies to propose pricing tiers based on volume/size or looking for one set price per watt dependent on component?

A. A sliding scale per watt is acceptable.

Q. Is sliding scale pricing acceptable with higher per watt pricing for smaller systems? The cost to build smaller systems is not linear. And a set price per watt is not easy to do.

A. A sliding scale per watt is acceptable.








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