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What’s it like to have solar on your roof?

October 8, 2014

solar installation 029Ever wonder what it’s like to go solar? What is the upfront cost? Does the true payback period match the promised one? Even in rainy western Washington? How long does the installation process take?

Well, James Dunn, a Bellevue resident and writer for Microsoft, is providing a behind-the-scenes peek at his experience solarizing his home. Follow his blog, “Charged” – “a journal about energy, conservation, and the environment” – here.

Dunn’s house was the third Bellevue residence to be charged with solar power as part of the Solarize Bellevue campaign. The campaign is leveraging group discounts on solar panels to install solar on dozens of Bellevue rooftops in 2014-2015. To learn more about the campaign, or to get involved, go to the City of Bellevue’s GreenWA page or to our own Solarize Bellevue page, here.

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