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New Stormwater Pollution Prevention Manual for Sports Facilities

October 9, 2014

sounders fansNext time you visit a sports stadium or arena, take a look at all the exterior hard surfaces. Sports facilities are often built of, and surrounded by, surfaces that shed rain. These facilities can be major players in the game to reduce stormwater pollution. If sports teams sit this game out, polluted runoff flows directly into our urban waterways.

PPRC created a manual to help sports facilities reduce the impacts of stormwater pollution on surrounding water bodies. The manual, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Manual: Non-Structural Best Management Practices for Sports Facilities, details some of the ways facilities can address stormwater problems without overhauling their site infrastructure.

The guide reviews stormwater issues common to sports facilities, suggests effective source reduction practices, details maintenance tactics that can be employed to reduce pollution both inside the stadium and in the parking lot, and suggests how facilities can move beyond regulatory compliance. The guide also offers dozens of quality resources that sports teams or organizations can use to aid and improve their stormwater management.

The manual also delves into Best Management Practices in three crucial aspects of facility management:

(Pending the support to produce more topics, we will be adding to the manual to make it a more complete guide.)

October is both storm season and high season for the use of sports facilities. We hope that our manual will help sports organizations – large and small – develop effective game plans to deal with runoff and not just passes or runs.


-Cyrus Philbrick

Communications Manager

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