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Updated “Solar Stadium Guide” Published

August 22, 2013

In many ways, sports stadiums are our modern cathedrals. But what do they really represent? The Green Sports Alliance, founded in 2010, believes our stadiums can be models of environmental stewardship.

Taking another step toward developing this model, the Green Sports Alliance, along with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation and the Natural Resources Defense Council, published an updated version of the Solar Electric Guide for Your Stadium or Arena for facilities considering the use of solar power.

The guide provides concise information to aid the process of solar installation. The guide can help any collegiate or professional facility develop a workable solar plan. It provides practical tips for performing an energy audit or navigating the unique financial incentives of different states. For example, a highlight includes a searchable database of state financial incentives (found at the bottom of BEF’s page for the guide).

For many sports facilities, solar power makes a lot of sense. Stadiums offer open spaces like roofs and parking lots that could be used to tap the sun’s power. In the last few years, many collegiate and professional stadiums have installed solar arrays. There are currently 18 solar installations at pro facilities in North America.

“Long overdue, a Golden Age of solar installation at sports facilities seems to be emerging,” says Allen Hershkowitz of the NRDC in the guide’s Foreward.

“Perhaps no ecological issue is more urgent than the need to shift away from our reliance on fossil fuels,” writes Hershkowitz. “Hopefully, this second edition Solar Electric Guide for Your Stadium or Arena will help accelerate the growing embrace of solar power by the sports world, and in so doing, continue to educate hundreds of millions of fans about our collective need to shift to renewable energy sources.”

We at PPRC are proud to have played a part in the research required to create the guide. Find more information about our involvement in greening sports here, including our beta roll-out of the Greening Sports Directory, a comprehensive directory of resources for any sports facility looking to green its operations.

– Cyrus Philbrick and PPRC Staff


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