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September 16, 2013

This week, which is officially Pollution Prevention Week, the Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange (P2Rx) is changing the name of its GreenBiz.com blog from “P2 Pathways” to “P2 Impact.” Why Impact?

We P2RX members believe that this new branding reflects our desire to communicate the value of P2 to a mainstream business audience. “P2 impact” captures the essence of pollution prevention, a concept that is as relevant today as when it officially took root in the 1990s.

P2Rx was founded on the principle that preventing or reducing pollution before it is released, as opposed to cleaning up waste, has a much greater positive impact on environmental, economic, and public health. The new column complements P2RX’s work to help businesses and others access the information, tools, and technical assistance required to adopt the most impactful practices.

In the past, the P2Rx blog has covered topics from all angles of pollution prevention. The past few months has seen pieces on: the effectiveness of voluntary pollution prevention programs, the boon of greening sports initiatives, and lucrative public-private partnerships toward waste reuse.

The first author for the newly branded column is Richard Yoder, founder of the Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center (P2RIC) serving Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. Yoder’s article, “50 Shades of Green: Hot Spots for Sustainability Promoters,” digs into the factors that cause greater adoption of cleaner technologies. What factors are most important? Location? Industry? Politics?

Whatever you’re business or political affiliation, we think you’ll find useful information and perspectives in this column and those to come.



-Communications Manager

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