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Oregon Clean and Safe Project

Oregon Clean and Safe empowers businesses and homeowners with the ability to eliminate or reduce their use of the 118 chemicals found on Oregon’s priority list of chemicals of concern. Through the informed selection of products that are less toxic and don’t contain these chemicals, Oregon Clean and Safe helps to remove these chemicals from wastewater. Many of these chemicals are found in a wide variety of products and enter wastewater either through drains and toilets.

PPRC helped toORACWA develop detailed chemical source profiles and pollution prevention suggestions for the 118 persistent bio-accumulative chemicals listed in Senate Bill (SB) 737 through a project with the Oregon Association of Clean Water Agencies (ORACWA). These tools were provided to ORACWA members (Oregon wastewater treatment facilities), which are required to monitor and reduce these chemicals in their wastewater, if they are found over a threshold amount. The source profiles show ORACWA members the likely sources and paths of each chemical into wastewater and the pollution prevention plan suggestions were developed to assist wastewater treatment facilities in drafting plans they can use to prevent or reduce the chemicals’ presence in influent.

It’s especially important to note that these chemicals are now listed and documented in at least eight national programs, from the consumer-centric GoodGuide to the EPA’s Design for the Environment, guiding users to safer alternatives that promote the reduction of toxics in Oregon’s waters.

Visit the Oregon Clean and Safe website for more information.

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