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E3: Revitalizing American Manufacturing

September 26, 2012

E3 is a framework through which local communities connect local manufacturers with best technical assistance available. Each community is supported by coalition of federal agencies that have joined forces to form E3. E3 combines the strengths of federal, state, and local resources to promote sustainable manufacturing and economic growth throughout the United States. Communities use E3 to help boost local economies to achieve their unique sustainability goals and priorities. E3 directly

helps manufacturers reduce costs, cut wastes, and be more competitive.

Join us on October 23 for our 2012 Regional Roundtable in Suquamish, WA at our E3 Workshop where we’ll be covering:

  • Build alliances with technical assistance providers from Energy, Labor, SBA, Commerce, EPA and Agriculture
  • Shape the E-3 Northwest agenda – priorities and governance,
  • Map deal flow for improved lead generation, proposal development, financing, delivery and evaluation, and to
  • Receive hands on Lean and Green training at a local manufacturing facility.

For more information about E3, go to: http://www.e3.gov
For more about EPA: http://www.epa.gov/

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