E3 in the Pacific Northwest

In Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska, state, local, and federal partners have been working together to promote E3 projects in the region. The state manufacturing extension partnerships (MEP) in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho are typically the first to build relationships with manufacturers in order to help them provide “Lean” process improvements as a way of producing operating efficiencies.

Lean process improvements have not always traditionally addressed environmental inefficiencies, nor do they always result in a higher-specialized skill workforce.   So, state agencies, nonprofit organizations, energy assistance providers , and increasingly, the MEPs themselves can partner to provide expertise to help with comprehensive efficiency and environmental improvements.

Once recommendations are made to businesses, then implementation begins, also with assistance from the northwest E3 partners.

In the Northwest, many of the above partners are meeting face to face each year and bi-monthly by conference calls to share Best Management Practices, project successes, information, and other technical and financial resources.  See the following links to find out how you can participate, or take advantage of the wealth of resources the Northwest E3 Partners and lean and green projects have to offer.

Video Case StudyImpact Washington and the Washington State Department of Ecology worked with AccraFab, a Washington manufacturing company that specializes in custom sheet metal fabrication, to reduce waste water generated in their plating process. This success story demonstrates that what was good for the environment was also very good for the bottom line.

Read about the E3 Federal framework.

Northwest E3 Partners

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Economic Development Expertise:


  • One PacificCoast Bank – offers financial services to
    manufacturers who wish to make improvements in their
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