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Kaady Car Wash and Beaverton School District save money and reduce environmental impact with EcoBiz automotive certification

Portland, OR—The Pollution Prevention Outreach Team (P2O) recently awarded the Beaverton School District Fleet Services and Kaady Car Wash with EcoBiz Certifications for Automotive Services. To become certified, each organization adopted a set of best management practices to keep pollutants out of the air, water, and soil.

The Beaverton School District (BSD) was awarded two certifications: Both the main bus fleet operations facility and the Transportation Support Center were certified. As part of the certification, the BSD adopted policies such as making pollution prevention part of all employees’ responsibilities, prohibiting the use of chlorinated solvents, switching to environmentally preferable products, and instituting practices ensuring that any potential spills would never reach a sewer or groundwater.

Kaady Car Wash is the first car wash to receive certification in the EcoBiz program and received certification for all 12 Oregon locations. This certification includes annual training refreshers on the proper use and storage of supplies, waste reduction and management, the development of an online spill response plan, and the addition of fluorescent light tubes to their list of recyclable items.

Kaady Car Wash has been a great environmental champion prior to this certification, installing wind turbines at two locations, harvesting rainwater from their roofs, developing acid-free and phosphate-free soaps before required by law, and recycling all of their wash water.


EcoBiz is a certification program that recognizes municipalities and businesses for adopting exceptional environmental business practices. It is a cooperative working group of local area jurisdictional staff from: Cities of Portland and Gresham, Clackamas and Washington counties, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Clean Water Services, and PPRC. The Eco-Biz program is seen as a model program for other municipalities around Oregon to accommodate requirements for Senate Bill 737, requiring municipalities to implement pollution prevention (P2) planning for specific sectors responsible for bioaccumulative toxics in the water.

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