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Fats, Oils, and Grease

Fats, Oils, and Grease (aka FOG) can wreak havoc on wastewater infrastructure. FOG causes sewer clogs, overflows, and backups in public and private sewer lines. Learn what we are doing to address FOG in your community.

Source Reduction

PPRC believes strongly in source control, or preventing pollution as close to the source as possible. Unlike end-of-pipe solutions, source control promotes both environmental and economic vitality. PPRC has been at the forefront of developing partnerships in diverse fields that prevent or reduce toxics and waste. Our work includes programs in green chemistry, wastewater pollutants, and stormwater.

Technical Assistance

PPRC offers broad-spectrum technical assistance to small and mid-sized businesses. Our staff of experts in chemical engineering, waste, and green systems can provide holistic assessments of your organization’s environmental footprint. We specialize in looking for ways to improve both economic and environmental performance.

Topic Hubs

Pollution Prevention issues can vary sector by sector. PPRC collaborates with other P2 centers nationwide to develop sector-based resource guides. So far, we have compiled guides on over 80 industries – from auto body shops to ski resorts. Check out the full list to see if your industry is covered. You can save significant time and resources by seeing what problems and solutions already exist to sustainability issues in your industry.

Rapid Response

PPRC provides free and well-researched answers to specific questions about pollution prevention. We provide thorough and unbiased answers to help you make decisions. We offer a staff of seasoned problem solvers with diverse expertise in manufacturing processes, chemical engineering, energy efficiency, and many other fields.

P2 Tools & Calculators

PPRC offers a series of tools to help businesses in their quest to gauge, understand, and reduce pollution while also saving money.

Greening Sports

Sports venues in America have tremendous potential to reduce their environmental impact by greening operations and engaging fans in green initiatives. PPRC’s “Greening Sports” project is designed to complement efforts by the Green Sports Alliance (GSA), the U.S. EPA, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and others to help teams, venues, and leagues improve their environmental and economic performance. PPRC provides technical assistance and resources to assist these efforts.

Educational Resources

In serving as a resource for pollution prevention material, PPRC convenes regional conferences, events, and webinars on a variety of pollution prevention topics.

30 Years of Pollution Prevention, Right from the Source.

PPRC is a trusted source of unbiased scientifically based information and training to help businesses and local governments implement toxics reduction and prevent pollution.
PPRC is a proud member of the National Pollution Prevention Roundable.

Our Current Projects:

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  • 2021 P2 Roundtable!
    EPA Regions 9 & 10
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    P2 West: Inspiration, Innovation, and Implementation

    The 2021 Pollution Prevention Roundtable was held virtually in late October and attended by P2 professionals from EPA Regions 9 and 10 plus other parts of the country. View the speakers’

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  • PNPW Workshop News

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    This premier Workshop brings pretreatment professionals together to receive technical training on a variety of topics. You can now view the 28th Annual PNPW


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