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Waterbased Adhesives
Technology Review

Released September 1998

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As part of an overall project to provide industry representatives, researchers, technical assistance providers, research funders, and others with better access to information on pollution prevention research, the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC) undertook literature reviews on alternative solvent-free adhesive technologies that have the potential to replace conventional ozone-depleting and solvent-based adhesive systems. A set of three technology reviews covering hot melt adhesives, radiant-cure adhesives, and waterbased adhesives was prepared from the literature research.

This set is the first of a series of technology reviews being undertaken as an element of the Northwest Pollution Prevention Network that PPRC is coordinating. The technology reviews will synthesize current research on P2 technologies, explore cost and technical issues, identify areas where further research is needed, and provide extensive bibliographies and glossaries. Each of the technology reviews also will be available on PPRC’s web site at http://www.pprc.org, where there will be links to relevant projects in PPRC’s research projects database and to relevant web sites.

Two segments of the adhesives industry are relevant to pollution prevention: adhesive formulation and adhesive application. This technology review focuses on the use of waterbased adhesives as an alternative to conventional solvent-based adhesives.

More background information on adhesives can be found in a number of sources. Adhesives Bibliography

dot Industry background
A summary of the adhesives industry, including definition, applications, market trends, environmental/safety issues, drying and curing and alternatives.

dot Waterbased Adhesives Defined
A description of waterbased adhesives, including uses and properties.

dot Technical Issues and Waterbased Adhesives
A comparison of the performance of waterbased adhesives and solvent-based adhesives, key factors in successful application of waterbased adhesives, and advantages and limitations of waterbased adhesives as compared against solvent-based adhesives.

dot Adhesives Economics
A summary of research that evaluates the costs associated with a conversion to a solvent-free adhesive.

dot Gaps in Waterbased Adhesives Research
An analysis of areas that merit further study.

dot Summary of Waterbased Adhesives Technology Review

dot Key Factors in Successful Application of Solvent-Free Technology

dot Advantages and Barriers for Solvent-free Adhesives

dot Adhesives-related Projects in the Pollution Prevention Research Projects Database

dot Other Adhesives-related Internet Sites

dot Adhesives Bibliography

dot Glossary of Terms

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