logo Small Shipyards and Boatyards in Oregon: Environmental Issues & P2 Opportunities
A Northwest Industry Roundtable Report

Publication Date: March 1998
Links Last Checked: July 2004


Table of Contents

Report Sections


Reasons for the Roundtable
Shipyard Roundtable Projects

Oregon Shipbuilding and Repair Industry
Environmental Issues
Summary of Pollution Prevention Opportunities
Roundtable Discussions

Pollution Prevention Issues
Paint Stripping Grit Management and Disposal
Alternative Paint Stripping Methods
Alternative Coatings
Other Waste Liquids
Educating Customers and Employees
Information Opportunities and Barriers
Weather Conditions
Summary of P2 Practices Used at Oregon Shipyards

Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Issues

Technical Assistance
Permit Issues
EPA Site Assessments
Information Resources Used by Industry
Appendix A: Shipyard Roundtable Attendees

Appendix B: Environmental Regulations Affecting Shipyards

Appendix C: Contacts and Information Resources

Appendix D: Glossary


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This report was developed with grant funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and was a joint project of the Business Assistance Programs in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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