Ship Building and Repair

PPRC has worked extensively with the ship building and repair industry in the Northwest.

Ship Building & Repair Topic Hub

The Ship Building & Repair Topic Hub is intended as a quick guide to the essential P2 information on the industry as well as a compilation of pertinent on-line resources.

Northwest Shipyard Industry Roundtable Reports

The purpose of these roundtables was for participants to learn more about alternative pollution prevention and treatment technologies, become familiar with tools to analyze alternatives, find out how to work productively with government agencies in complying with stormwater regulatory requirements, share experiences and ideas with industry peers, and generate ideas for future projects that will benefit the environment and the industry.

Large Shipyards in Washington: P2 & BMP Opportunities
Small Shipyards and Boatyards in Oregon: Environmental Issues & P2 Opportunities
Large Shipyards in Oregon: Coating Choice Drivers & P2 Opportunities
Depainting Technology Demonstrations: P2 Benefits & Production Issues