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Regional Roundtable

What is the Regional Roundtable?


For over 20 years, PPRC’s Regional Roundtable conference has provided Northwest businesses and agencies with valuable information and networking opportunities within the pollution prevention community. We bring together professionals of all stripes – manufacturing specialists, industry leaders, researchers, and sustainability gurus – to explore ways to improve the environmental and economic health of our region.


Regional Roundtable 2017- October 24 & 25, 2017

This year’s Regional Roundtable is structured to encourage deep-dive conversations into the challenges and opportunities faced by local, state, and federal pollution prevention professionals. It aims to bring improved clarity and an expanded vision to our collective P2 and sustainability goals.

This year’s event is split into two days. The first, October 24, is by invitation only and for state and federal pollution prevention professionals. Day 2, on October 25, is open to the public. It offers presentations and discussions on safer alternative movements, state green chemistry visions, and technical training possibilities. For detailed Agenda and Registration information, go HERE.



Past Roundtables

Past Roundtables have included topics such as innovation towards sustainability, pollution prevention for Puget Sound, environmentally preferable purchasing, and green chemistry.



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