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Greening Sports Rapid Response Service

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The Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC) is pleased to expand our Rapid Response service to cover questions relating to any environmental challenges experienced at your sports facilities, as you work to develop greener policies/procedures/activities, operations, etc. PPRC
will provide free research into related questions to support your efforts.

Let us help you find solutions or new ideas as you move toward a lower environmental footprint.

  • Do you want to find out what types of materials your local composter will accept?
  • Curious about how other sporting venues have saved money by reducing energy and water use, and minimizing solid waste?
  • Interested in new ideas for reducing packaging wastes?
  • Or, best practices for managing your site to minimize contaminants in stormwater runoff?


Email us your Greening Sports Rapid Response question here or give us a call at 206-352-2050.

Here are a few inquiries we have tackled recently:

  • What purchasing specifications and product criteria do you recommend for least toxic floor cleaners?
  • Besides aerial deposition of zinc from traffic on the highway adjacent to our property, what other sources could be contributing to zinc content in our stormwater?
  • What have other stadiums done with removed turf?
  • What is the latest fuel-efficiency technology for trucks and fleets?
  • Is there a quick way to help me understand the potential toxicity of different building materials, especially a specific coating product?
  • Do LED bulbs contain toxins?
  • Are all compostable utensils truly compostable?

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