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Current Projects

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Solarize Bellevue is a neighborhood solar purchasing campaign that provides residents and businesses with reduced cost, headache-free solar installations on their homes, businesses, or multi-family units.

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Fats, Oils, and Grease (aka FOG) can wreak havoc on wastewater infrastructure, especially in areas without resources to deal with the stuff. PPRC is providing technical assistance training workshops to rural communities throughout the Northwest to reduce the harmful impacts of FOG.

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The Motivation
Green Chemistry holds the promise to create healthier and less wasteful products, processes, and working environments. But what if the labs in which chemicals are used and created are themselves unhealthy and wasteful? Laboratories serve as logical places to start implementing greener practices.
PPRC is partnering with the…

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Rapid Response is PPRC’s Free “Ask Us Anything” service. We are here to provide quick but well-researched answers to any questions about pollution prevention. We handle questions regarding product purchasing, toxic alternatives, waste management systems, energy efficiency, and any other pollution problem you can think of.

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PPRC’s “Greening Sports” project is designed to compliment efforts by the Green Sports Alliance, U.S. EPA, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and others to assist sports teams, venues, and leagues to reduce their environmental footprint and improve their economic performance.

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By-Product Synergy NW (BPS NW) is a Northwest public-private partnership aimed at reducing waste going to landfill while taking a closed loop approach to materials and resources on a regional basis.

STAR Training

The Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC) is currently providing Spray Technique Analysis and Research (STAR®) and NESHAP training to painters and paint instructors. The STAR® program was developed by the Iowa Waste Reduction Center (IWRC) at the University of Northern Iowa and is dedicated to improving the overall efficiency of manual spray coating operations by enhancing the techniques of spray technicians.

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The P2 Measurement Tool is a web-based tool that meets the need for an effective, efficient way for analyzing and presenting P2 results regionally as well as nationwide.

DERA Truck completed

This project will achieve significant reduction in diesel emissions by installing aerodynamic side skirts for over 2,000 truck trailers and will enable Tacoma’s Interstate Distributor Co. to implement one of the trucking industry’s largest installations of aerodynamic trailer side skirts to date.

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EcoBiz is a business certification program that recognizes businesses for adopting exceptional environmental business practices. Currently EcoBiz certifications are available for two sectors: automotive services and landscaping.


Past Projects

green chemistry

PPRC is partnering with the Washington Department of Ecology to promote the adoption of safer chemicals in products and manufacturing processes. While businesses are all too aware of the costs and risks of hazardous chemical use, identifying and adopting safer chemical alternatives poses significant challenges.

Climate Change

The Climate Change Topic Hub is a resource for technical assistance providers, as well as others, to help business, industry, and government complete a greenhouse gas inventory and create that necessary baseline.


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