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Our Regional Roundtable is approaching fast. This event exists to bring together pollution prevention leaders and problem-solvers to help create a cleaner, healthier, and more vibrant region.
We have just published a series of Frequently Asked Question reports that answer questions about cadmium in fertilizer, the current state of our legal protections, and possible pollution prevention tactics.
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Join us for a free webinar to learn about the fundamentals of using safe auto repair chemicals.
Now more than ever pollution prevention needs your help. If you believe in the positive impact of source control then donate to PPRC on May 10 as part of GiveBIG. We deeply appreciate your support!
After two years of workshops, site assessments, and installations, the Solarize Kirkland program has brought hundreds of affordable kW of new, clean power to the community of Kirkland, WA.
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In this neck of the woods, many of us strive to continually improve commitments to sustainability. Still, Earth Day can be a good day to do a little introspection and to set some personal and organizational goals.
On Tuesday, March 28, we're offering a Bilingual Spray Paint Efficiency Training (in English and Spanish) to painters and paint shop managers in Boise, ID.
Last week, the Washington Department of Health published the results of their 'Investigation of Reported Cancer Among Soccer Players in Washington State.' What can we take away from the results?
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Our Executive Director, Paula Del Giudice, recently delivered a TEDx talk on how sports stadiums are leading the way toward Zero Waste.
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Day Two of the Roundtable grappled with the future of pollution prevention, from changing the way we talk about pollution prevention to dealing proactively with the toxic threats in our products, waters, and foods.

Thank You for Your Support

November 8, 2016
Thank You to all those donors who helped make our 25th Anniversary and our Regional Roundtable successful events.
We are currently seeking a part-time Environmental Outreach Specialist to support the Eco-Logical Business Program (EcoBiz) and commercial outreach programs.
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Check out summaries of the many excellent presentations from Day One of our Regional Roundtable. Presentations moved from the impacts of climate change toward real, proven solutions.
Find many excellent presentations - filled with good resources and info for both agencies and businesses - below
Our Bellingham Sustainable Brewery Workshop provided a slew of resources available to breweries looking to minimize their environmental impact while also saving money.
Join us to celebrate PPRC's 25th Anniversary on October 24!
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Our Sustainable Craft Brewery Workshop in Bend provided lauter tuns of info about how to successfully manage wastewater and reduce energy and water use. Here are some highlights.
Wednesday, September 28, is our Sustainable Craft Brewery Workshop at Boundary Bay Brewery in Bellingham, WA. Join us to learn about cost-effective ways to manage water, energy, and wastes. We’ve recently added a speaker from the City of Bend, Christina Davenport, who will talk about the benefits of creating collaborative…
Hey Brewers, If you're looking for ways to lessen your environmental footprint while improving your bottom line, join us for one of our three upcoming Sustainable Craft Brewery events.
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LED lights are popping up and on all over the sports world. Why is the time now for LEDs?
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This Tuesday, May 3, is GiveBIG. If you make a gift to PPRC, you have the chance to time travel back to 1991. How?
Donate to PPRC on May 3 for GiveBIG! You can help us continue to offer successful pollution prevention programs. You can also win some sweet 1991 throwback prizes. Why 1991 throwback prizes? Well...
Join us on Friday, April 8, 4 – 6 p.m., to celebrate the addition of more clean, renewable energy in Kirkland.
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What else can facilities, venues, and host sites do to engage fans? And how can they do it well?
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A recent piece from the City of Kirkland's blog tells the story of one Kirkland family who installed solar on their home through the Solarize Kirkland program.
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State and federal agencies are mobilizing significant resources to conduct more comprehensive studies than any previously done on the hazards of turf, specifically on crumb rubber.
As part of the Solarize Kirkland campaign, Northwest Electric & Solar announced it is donating a rooftop solar system to Kirkland’s Friends of Youth, a Kirkland nonprofit that provides a range of services for youth and families.
Friends of Youth
The new P2Rx website can serve as a valuable resource for businesses, technical assistance providers, and citizens all over the country.
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On January 21 (11 a.m. PST) join the Western States Alliance (WSA) for a webinar that will discuss the elements of an effective pretreatment and inspection program.
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University of Washington's Department of Environmental & Occupational Health and Safety is offering a unique hands-on training course focused on controlling the primary hazards associated with the use of ignitable coatings.
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Summaries of presentations from the second day of PPRC's Regional Roundtable, which included talks by Bob Perciasepe and Ken Geiser as well as perspectives on anaerobic digestion, stormwater, and the pollution prevention opportunities presented by the new federal Clean Power Plan (CPP).
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If you missed our 2015 Regional Roundtable, or if you want a refresher on some of the fantastic information covered, here is the first installment of our Review.
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This year's event will bring together businesses and technical assistance providers to discuss cutting edge pollution prevention topics like green chemistry, stormwater, and energy efficiency. Join us!
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Twenty-five years ago, Congress passed the Pollution Prevention (P2) Act. What prompted the Act? What is the Act’s impact and legacy? And what’s next for pollution prevention?
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It’s P2 Week

September 22, 2015
If you didn't already know, Pollution Prevention Week (or P2 Week) is this week, September 21-27! What can you and your business do to promote/celebrate P2?
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A&R Solar’s own Solar Heroes, clad in spandex and capes, will install a new 16-panel solar system on the roof at the new home of the KidsQuest Children’s Museum.
A number of organic landcare solutions are underway on the beautiful campus of Lewis and Clark College, in Portland, OR.
This summer, two new Solarize campaigns are launching on the east side of Lake Washington. Solarize Kirkland and Solarize Bellevue plan to use the power of bulk purchases and community organization to install dozens of affordable solar systems on residential and business rooftops.
Our Executive Director, Paula Del Giudice, wrote a guest post on a local blog, "Stormwater News NW." Del Giudice's blog digs into the impacts that fats, oils, and grease (collectively called "FOG") have on stormwater management.
Clean Water Service's Durham Plant will use fats, oils, and grease (FOG) to supply a large proportion of its energy needs.
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A recent webinar reviewed specific and effective ways that auto repair shops can improve the safety of the chemicals they use.
If you're a Kirkland resident or business owner considering solar power, then Solarize Kirkland is for you.
Tuesday, May 5, is GiveBIG day, a big day for giving in the Seattle area. You should give to PPRC !
In honor of Earth Day, we're celebrating some of the successes of pollution prevention programs throughout the country.
We're seeking an Outreach Specialist to support EcoBiz services. This position will provide boots-on-the ground technical assistance and support to automotive and landscaping businesses in the Portland area.
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What can consumers or businesses worried about formaldehyde exposures do to protect themselves?
Dear Bellevue community, Join us on March 24 at the Bellevue Boys and Girls Clubs' Teen Center to celebrate the success of the Solarize Bellevue program!
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What do we know about the health risks of turf fields? What don't we know? And what can we do to make our fields safer?
Instead of passing game vs. running game, how do the teams match up in terms of energy use, water conservation, construction, waste diversion, and transportation. Introducing SustainaBowl 2015!
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What actions can smaller organizations - like schools, rec and youth leagues - take to join in the exciting game of greening sports? Here are some actions and resources.
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