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What can consumers or businesses worried about formaldehyde exposures do to protect themselves?
Dear Bellevue community, Join us on March 24 at the Bellevue Boys and Girls Clubs' Teen Center to celebrate the success of the Solarize Bellevue program!
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What do we know about the health risks of turf fields? What don't we know? And what can we do to make our fields safer?
Instead of passing game vs. running game, how do the teams match up in terms of energy use, water conservation, construction, waste diversion, and transportation. Introducing SustainaBowl 2015!
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What actions can smaller organizations - like schools, rec and youth leagues - take to join in the exciting game of greening sports? Here are some actions and resources.
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What solutions work without sacrificing environmental health or road safety?
Here's a video summary of what we accomplished in 2014, from greening sports to sewers to breweries.
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By surpassing the target number of 30 solar installations in Bellevue, the Solarize Bellevue campaign unlocked a free solar system for a deserving nonprofit.
Our 2014 Regional Roundtable was a great success. As always, the event yielded new and fruitful collaborations between a variety of area businesses and technical assistance providers. Whether you attended the event or want to see what you missed, the below is a brief summary of each presentation / workshop.

Regional Roundtable Photos!

November 7, 2014
Check out Regional Roundtable 2014 Photos!
Next time you visit a sports stadium or arena, take a look at all the hard surfaces. Sports facilities are often built of, and surrounded by, surfaces that shed rain. These facilities can be major players in the game to reduce stormwater pollution.
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Ever wonder what it's like to go solar? What is the upfront cost? Does the true payback period match the promised one? Even in rainy western Washington? How long does the installation process take?
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Businesses are looking for both proven and innovative solutions to solving their zinc problems. And that’s where PPRC comes in. Our video shows three kinds of solutions: source control, Low Impact Development, and other filtration options.
You have a few days to apply for a great job. PSU's Community Environmental Services is HIRING (ie. paying) students to assist the expansion of ECOBIZ, a program that administers green certification to auto shops and landscape businesses.
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Check out Executive Director Paula Del Giudice's article at GreenBiz.com on brewing beer better. Del Giudice gives examples of innovations used by breweries - large and small - to save water, energy, and waste.
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New EPA guide provides a number of useful tips and resources for reducing food waste. The guide shows how reducing waste saves more than food. It also saves money and prevents pollution.
EPA food and restuarant guide
A University of Washington trash sort aimed to shine a light on the disposal practices of the university’s laboratories and uncover opportunities to divert materials from landfills.
If your business is interested in using less toxic chemicals in its processes or products, you may want to get involved in the WA Department of Ecology’s Safer Chemistry Challenge. The challenge encourages and helps Northwest businesses to use safer chemical ingredients.
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When we think of unsustainable businesses we don’t usually think of the clean, sterile environment of a laboratory. But labs – from small academic ones to the larger biotech industry benches common in the Seattle area – are hazardous polluters that often get overlooked by the public eye.
Are you a Bellevue resident, business or building owner? Are you interested in the economic and environmental benefits of solar, but haven’t committed to an installation? We have a proposition for you.
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GiveBig is one week away, on Tuesday, May 6. Why should you use this day to support PPRC and pollution prevention?
MetLife Stadium has quietly achieved environmental gains that are arguably as impressive as the Seahawk’s Super Bowl win. Okay, almost as impressive...
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Oregon breweries connected with a host of local technical assistance programs and resources, many of which are free, to improve brewing sustainability
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How are other Northwestern breweries leading the way in reducing their pollution while saving money in the process? Join us for a workshop on sustainable brewing at Widmer Brothers Brewery in Portland, OR on March 20.
Presenters detailed a slew of metrics, services, resources, and tools available to help brewers decrease environmental impact while saving money.
redhook tour with kurt_focus Kurt
What qualities do we want from our athletic fields? Safety? Playability? Where does environmental protection fit in?
Arguably the only problem with beer is that it requires a lot of resources to produce. Craft breweries in the Northwest are leading the industry-wide push to make brewing operations more efficient and sustainable. What are they doing? How are they doing it? To find out, join PPRC and the…
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We are all responsible for the disturbing trend of increasing sewer clogs. What can we do to help?
The Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse (IC2) just launched a comprehensive guide designed to help companies reduce or eliminate their use of toxic chemicals.
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A look at a few pieces of media that are helping to change how we think about flame retardants. How are flame retardants threatening our health? And what's being done about it?
Electronic devices help the sports world whir. Whether we watch games on television or follow our favorite players’ twitter feed, we use electronic devices to see what’s happening. What we don’t see, or think about, is where all our electronics end up.
Toxics and Waste keyboard bakcup_high
How can sports teams best communicate their green actions? Avoid greenwashing while taking advantage of the unique leverage that sports offer to engage fans.
OSHA recently unveiled a new toolkit to help employers identify safer chemicals that could replace more hazardous ones.
OSHA safer chem toolkit capture
Tis the season for holiday cheer, good tidings, and, oh yeah, sewer overflows.
In case you missed it, the Story of Stuff podcast just produced an episode on Green Chemistry. It's worth a listen.
Story of Stuff Episode 12
For those who missed our Annual Regional Roundtable, you missed some idea-loaded presentations and rich P2 networking opportunities.
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How about that you'll get a chance to hear a group of compelling speakers from diverse fields.
Do you live near Portland? Do you work at an auto body or repair shop? We’re not spying on you. But we do know of an event this week that you might be interested in.
What terrifying fatbergs lurk beneath American cities? And what we can do about them?
One knock against turf fields is that they can function as a prime vector for bacterial infections. Is this true? What can be done to reduce risks?
sounders century link from soundersfc.com
Liberty Bottleworks reduces pollution both because of what they make and how they make it.

Celebrate P2 Week in Style

September 16, 2013
If you’re going to tune into one Webinar this week, you might want to check this one out.
  It’s Pollution Prevention Week, after all. And what better way to pay homage to P2 than by hearing a history of the people, ideas, and innovations that have made it possible.
P2 Pioneers Webinar flyer

New Blog for GreenBiz

September 16, 2013
This week, which is officially Pollution Prevention week, P2RX is changing the name of its GreenBiz blog from “P2 Pathways” to “Impact.” Why impact?
Though they don’t receive the same press as the Most Valuable Players of professional sports, the Most Valuable Pollution Prevention Award (MVP2) winners are heroes who post equally impressive statistics.
A new Solar Guide provides concise info to aid sports facilities through the process of solar installation. We recommend it.
We're pleased to announce our 2013 Regional Roundtable, to be held at the Hotel Murano in Tacoma, on October 29th-30th.
Collapsing bee populations have prompted re-evaluation of our national and local uses of pesticides. Landscaping practices can play a big role in bee conservation.
From UC Davis
The clock is ticking on copper anti-fouling paints. We know enough about the damage the metal does to aquatic environments to start looking at alternative paints. What are the alternatives? How well do they work? And what problems come with them?
Philly teams have been at the forefront of efforts to make sporting events more sustainable. In a recent blog post for GreenBiz.com, PPRC's executive director, Paula DelGiudice, highlights the greening efforts of franchises from the City of Brotherly Love.
Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia
Businesses that can anticipate the arc of changing toxics laws can avoid costly recalls, lawsuits, cleanups, and slowdowns in production...

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