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Safer Alternatives for the Automotive Industry

The Motivation

AutoShop_croppedCommonly-used cleaners in an automotive shop can be dangerous to your health and to the environment. In addition, many operations within an automotive shop (floor cleanup, antifreeze replacement, etc.) can lead to the mismanagement and misapplication of products and, therefore, may cause serious compliance issues for your business. It is important for owners and technicians in an automotive repair shop to be informed of the chemicals contained in the products they use as well as having good working habits to reduce liability and to improve the business’s bottom line.

The Project

PPRC developed resources to help automotive owners and technicians get informed about common chemicals found in a repair shop. In addition, the resources developed were designed to help the Do-It-Yourselfers (DIYers) as well as the professionals involved in the industry. The resources developed were:

1. Factsheets

  • Solvent Safety Hierarchy – A hierarchy of chemicals that are commonly found in brake and degreasing cleaners informing you of their hazardous effects on human health and the environment.
  • BMPs Parts Cleaners – A factsheet that provides information on best management practices of parts cleaners (aka parts washers) as it relates to preparation, operations, and disposal of solvent in the washer.
  • Parts Washers Comparison – Includes information on the advantages and disadvantages of different types of parts cleaners.
  • Floor Cleanup – Includes information on best management practices in floor cleanup and compliance rules and regulations in the state of Washington.
  • Antifreeze Choices – A factsheet describing how to minimize the effects of antifreeze as it pertains to human health and the environment.

2. Webinar Safer Alternatives in the Auto Repair Industry

This webinar includes 4 presenters: 1) City of Seattle, 2) Seattle City Light, and 3) Swedish Automotive, and 4) WA Department of Ecology. The webinar focuses on best management practices of a shop, safer alternatives, compliance, and how to green your shop.

3. Online Training Curriculum – Auto Slide

This training curriculum focuses on helping automotive owners and technicians learn about safer alternatives, best management practices in a repair shop, and how to green your operations. The module includes voice-over and video to enhance learning, however this means a large download and lengthy download time.  Once downloaded the module will start automatically.


Other Resources

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