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Solarize Bellevue


The Motivation

Capture_solarize bellevueSolar is an increasingly viable option for homeowners and businesses that want to save in the long term on electricity bills while also having a positive environmental impact. Solarize Bellevue is a neighborhood solar purchasing campaign that provides residents and businesses with reduced cost, headache-free solar installations on their homes, businesses, or multi-family units.

The Project

By organizing a group purchase, or “bulk buy,” the campaign aims to help Bellevue residents and businesses achieve an affordable and successful solar installation. This type of program has been widely successful across regions including Seattle, Snohomish County, and more broadly on a national scale, from Portland to New York -¬†with savings as much as 20% on average when compared to acquiring solar systems independently.

PPRC is proud to partner with City of Bellevue , NW Seed and Solarize Washington in organizing a group purchase of panels and installation for Bellevue residents. As part of securing the right solar deal, we are providing organizational and informational support to the Bellevue community throughout the campaign. As part of our support to the Vendor Selection Committee, we will provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions from discussions with Potential Contractors (see below).

If you’re interested in getting involved in the group purchase, registration information will be available soon on the Green WA website. Starting the second week of July, 2014, interested parties can attend Public Workshops designed to answer any questions you may have about financing or the installation process. Those participating in the campaign must attend a Public Workshop. For more information about this project, or to get involved, please email our Executive Director, Paula Del Giudice.


In The News

    • August, 2014 - “Lake to Lake,” a Bellevue show that specializes in local city news, covers the Solarize Bellevue campaign. Check out Paula Del Giudice’s plug for the campaign in the video below. The campaign is gaining momentum. Workshops for interested participants have been packed rooms buzzing with excitement for solarizing Bellevue homes and businesses.



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