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Stormwater Pollution Prevention

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In the rainy Northwest, stormwater is one of the biggest contributors to polluted urban waterways. Toxic runoff does significant harm to human health and our valuable aquatic ecosystems.

Under new stormwater regulations, industries are  responsible for their contributions to polluted waterways. The WA Industrial Stormwater General Permit, for example, sets discharge limits on metals, fertilizers, and other indicators of water quality. Increasingly, businesses need a Stormwater Pollution Prevention plan.


What We Do

At PPRC, we focus on addressing stormwater by looking upstream. Instead of focusing on end-of-pipe treatment technologies, we focus on reducing stormwater pollution at its sources – the facilities, processes, and operations that produce the problem.

We have a long and successful history of source reduction, the most effective way to deal with pollution of any kind. Much of our expertise is applicable to stormwater pollution prevention. By looking holistically at businesses’ operations, we address a variety of point sources of water pollution.

We work with many different types of businesses – large and small – to help them achieve not only compliance with regulations, but also model solutions to a widespread and challenging problem. We strive to implement changes that help businesses’ bottom lines as well as reduce their environmental impact.


ProjectsJane Hawkey. From IAN

We are a new face in the stormwater field. We recently received a grant from the Russell Family Foundation to address stormwater pollution at a number of Puget Sound area businesses.

Our current stormwater work involves the following:

  • Assessment and measurement of stormwater sources.
  • Testing the effectiveness of different stormwater management technologies, systems, and processes.
  • Assessing potential for safer chemicals in manufacturing processes and product design.
  • Implementing positive best management practices.
  • Feedback and re-assessment to work towards continuous improvement.


Additional Resources

The Northwest region is a hotbed of research and action in stormwater pollution prevention. Here is an unoffical list of other local organizations and resources that address stormwater issues:


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