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  • PPRC’s Facility Enviromental Checklist for Lean Providers – offers a handy checklist and set of questions to use during facility walkthroughs and lean events, to bring more environmental wastes to the forefront. Covers corporate environmental policy, energy, fuel, water, toxics, waste, air quality, and stormwater.
  • Sustainable Packaging Checklist for Manufacturers – offers a handy checklist and set of questions to use during manufacturing facility walkthroughs and lean events, to understand packaging opportunities, and identify inefficiencies.
  • U.S. EPA’s Lean and Environmental Toolkit – offers practical techniques and strategies that can help lean, environmental, and other specialists deliver environmental improvements as a routine task of lean driven business operations.
  • U.S. EPA’s Environmental Professional’s Guide to Lean and Six Sigma – provides an overview of common Lean and Six Sigma methods, explains why environmental professionals should consider integrated Lean and environment efforts, describes how Lean differs from pollution prevention and sustainability, and outlines different models for advancing Lean and environment implementation efforts.
  • U.S. EPA’s Lean and Energy Toolkit – offers strategies to use lean to specifically address energy conservation.
  • U.S. EPA’s Lean and Chemicals Toolkit – offers strategies to use lean to address time, cost, risk, and quality issues, related to all aspects of chemical manufacturing, management, and use.
  • Value & Energy Stream Mapping (VeSM) – White paper on the methodology developed and used by California Manufacturing Technology Consulting to incorporate energy consumption and management into value stream mapping.
  • Lean Manufacturing and the Environment – EPA sees an important connection between lean manufacturing and environmental improvement, and defines lean and environment, summarizes EPAs efforts to enhance the environmental benefits of advanced manufacturing techniques, explains potential benefits of incorporating environment with lean, and links to several case studies and other resources.
  • Lean Manufacturing and the Environment – Ignoring the 8th Deadly Waste Leaves Money on the Table – This article by Mitch Kidwell discusses the results of a Shingo Prize-winning study commissioned by the EPA. The study found that lean helped many companies save money by taking steps that also benefited the environment, as well as productivity, even when they were not consciously trying to do so.
  • Working Smart for Environmental Protection: Improving State Agency Processes with Lean and Six Sigma – is a primer on how state environmental agencies have used lean and six sigma to improve permitting and other agency processes.
  • The P2Rx Topic Hub for Lean Manufacturing is a primer on lean – offering a quick guide to the essential pollution prevention (P2) information on lean manufacturing.


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