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EcoBiz Certification Program

PPRC provides on-the-ground technical assistance for the Oregon EcoBiz program. EcoBiz is a business certification program that recognizes businesses for adopting exceptional environmental business practices. Currently EcoBiz certifications are available for two sectors: automotive services and landscaping. The program was developed by Portland’s Pollution Prevention team in 1996. Currently more than 100 auto body shops and 13 landscaping businesses are certified.

Certified shops receive publicity through printed advertising and other media coverage. EcoBiz certification allows a business to market its sustainable practices to its clientele. Since many Oregon consumers are going “green”, certification helps businesses attract new clients.

EcoBiz certification for auto body shops not only promotes many multi-media ecological business practices, it helps body shops go above and beyond compliance with the new EPA air toxics rule and often saves them money on top of that!

Contact Eco-Biz Associate Mitchell Frister: mfrister@pprc.org or 503-348-6219.

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