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Greening it up in the Fleet Services Department of Washington County

Washington County public fleets improves public leadership role, saves money and reduces environmental impact with EcoBiz certification

Hillsboro, OR—The Pollution Prevention Outreach Team (P2O) recently awarded Washington County’s Fleet Division with the EcoBiz Certification for Automotive Services. To become certified, Washington County adopted a rigorous checklist of up to 100 different best management practices to keep pollutants out of the air, water and soil.
Included in this certification are the following practices: Extensive recycling, using non-toxic substitutions that prevent emissions from going airborne, preventing spills from entering groundwater, lowering the use of energy, water and natural resources, replacing a solvent-based parts washer with a water-based one, safely disposing of expired toxic materials and implementing a purchasing policy to look for non-toxic products whenever possible.
“Washington County is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of all our operations and saving taxpayer dollars in the process. We are grateful to PPRC for recognizing this part of an organization-wide effort at becoming more sustainable,” said Assistant County Administrator Don Bohn.
The EcoBiz Certification program is a collaborative effort of the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Washington County, Cities of Portland, Gresham and Metro, and Clackamas County with funding from Clean Water Services for businesses and organizations in Washington County.


EcoBiz is a certification program that recognizes municipalities and businesses for adopting exceptional environmental business practices. It is a cooperative working group of local area jurisdictional staff from: Cities of Portland and Gresham, Clackamas and Washington counties, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Clean Water Services, and PPRC. The Eco-Biz program is seen as a model program for other municipalities around Oregon to accommodate requirements for Senate Bill 737, requiring municipalities to implement pollution prevention (P2) planning for specific sectors responsible for bioaccumulative toxics in the water. To date, the EcoBiz program has removed myriad pollutants from the waste stream by certifying 15 local governments and 118 businesses.



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