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PPRC has online materials for a wide variety of audiences. We've provided some ideas below about how you may be able to use our web site.

Website Limitations

This information is provided solely as a preliminary source of information regarding pollution prevention options and technologies. It is not a comprehensive document covering every option available to your operation or every environmental regulation that could affect you or your business as a consequence of adopting a pollution prevention strategy. Other alternatives for resolution of your particular problem or situation may exist that are not listed on this site.

All options must be considered in light of the circumstances of your particular situation. It is your responsibility to seek specific advice for your particular application. Please conduct thorough research and/or consult the contacts list for a technical assistance provider in your area that might have additional information relevant to evaluating your options.

While the Pollution Prevention Resource Center takes reasonable steps, especially through its peer review process, to ensure that this site contains timely and accurate information, it does not guarantee the timeliness or accuracy of the information on this site, in particular as the information relates to a specific case. The specific agencies responsible can and do change their environmental regulations. Please refer to the publication date provided on each information page and consult with the appropriate regulatory authorities before implementation.

Privacy Policy

PPRC does not gather detailed information about web site users, or about those that subscribe to PPRC's publications. PPRC requests basic information from subscribers, to determine what types of customers it serves, and the location of those customers, but PPRC does not sell or rent its mailing lists.

Republish and Reprint Information

The Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center is in the business of disseminating information that will make pollution prevention happen in the Northwest and beyond. We encourage readers of our materials and visitors to our web site to copy, republish and distribute our materials freely. We only ask that when you republish or distribute our materials, that you republish or distribute them in their entirety. When republishing, please credit PPRC and the author, if any. And please let us know ahead of time, so we can keep track of who our materials are reaching. Thanks.

Ways to Use This Site

The PPRC web site has a large amount of information which can be used for many purposes. Here's a brief listing of ways someone might use this site.

What would you like to do? Try this!
Find free, non-regulatory business assistance Go to the Northwest P2 Programs Directory contact list and find a provider who has experience with your type of business or industry.
Find funding for P2 projects Take a look at the Request For Proposals Clearinghouse.
View a particular document that I saw on PPRC's web site Refer to PPRC Publications List which provides you a list of our resources (online and hard copy).
Get information about P2 initiatives, projects and opportunities that are happening around the Northwest Go to our list of P2 Regional Roundtable Reports and find out about current P2 projects in the Northwest. Contact names are provided for all projects and programs so you can follow up if you are considering a similar effort in your area. You may also wish to check out the Northwest P2 Activities Database.
Find other clearinghouses of industry-specific information Check out the P2Rx Topic Hubs™, Canadian Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse, Waste Reduction Resource Center - Information by Industry Sector, and Small Business Environmental Home Page - Industry Sector Publications.
Prevent pollution at my home Take a look at the P24U page which links to information for the "consumer sector" including do-it-yourself auto repair, home construction, painting, housecleaning, and more. Be sure to check out the P2 quiz to see how savvy your home habits are!
Find out about Northwest waste prevention events Browse the Calendar for a list of conferences, trainings and events coming up in the Northwest.
Educate my company's employees Scan a list of PPRC's publications, especially our general industry sector resources that includes factsheets such as "How to Read an MSDS," "Is Your Business Using Regulated Chemicals?," and "Calculating True Costs of Paints and Coatings."