PPRC Staff

Paula Del Giudice
Executive Director
Phone: 206-352-2050 || pdelgiudice@pprc.org

Debra Taevs
Oregon Director
Phone: 503-336-1256 || dtaevs@pprc.org

Cathy Buller
Project Manager
Phone: 206-352-2050 || cbuller@pprc.org

Michelle Gaither
Environmental Engineer
Phone: 206-352-2050 || mgaither@pprc.org

Ken Grimm
Industry Outreach Manager
Phone: 206-352-2050 || kgrimm@pprc.org

Brian Penttila
Chemical/Process Engineer
Phone: 206-352-2050 || bpenttila@pprc.org

Jonathan Stumpf
Communications Manager
Phone: 206-352-2050 || jstumpf@pprc.org

Paula Del Giudice, Executive Director

Paula Del Giudice is PPRC’s Executive Director. Formerly the director of the National Wildlife Federation’s Western Office in Seattle, she brings many years of nonprofit management experience to her position. In addition, she has worked as a tireless advocate on aquatic ecosystems in the Northwest—especially salmon habitat; federal issues such as the Endangered Species Act, Clean Air & Clean Water acts; climate change; and public land management and wildlife issues in Nevada. Prior to working as an environmental nonprofit manager, Del Giudice wrote about environmental issues and outdoor recreation for several daily newspapers and many regional and national magazines. In 2008, she was awarded the top environmental award by the Outdoor Writers Association of America—a group of which she’s been a member for 31 years. She has a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Nevada, Reno, and a M.Ed. from Regis University.

When she’s not hanging out with her teenage daughter eating sushi, watching movies, or trying to figure out the best fit for college, or texting her son who’s a junior at Boston College, she loves to read, cook, fly fish, backpack, knit, and paint with watercolors. She is also an accomplished glass artist who is looking forward to taking part in her first show this fall. In addition, she is also an Assistant District Commissioner for Cascade District of Boy Scouts of America.

Debra Taevs, Oregon Director


Debra Taevs has worked on sustainability issues for more than 20 years. During a recent project, she managed a team of researchers that built chemical source profiles for the chemicals listed in Senate Bill 737, and pollution prevention plans for the use of Oregon ACWA members. She has facilitated or co-facilitated three different industrial material exchange projects, including Portland’s ResourceFULL Use project with ZeroWaste Alliance and the Columbia Corridor Association. ResourceFULL Use is a group of industries that exchange by-products for productive use rather than sending them to a landfill, using the ever-so-popular “speed dating” method!

Other PPRC projects include developing the free Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Rapid Response service, helping Oregon manufacturers to use Lean Manufacturing principles to eliminate environmental wastes and in partnership with the Portland Pollution Prevention Outreach Team, helping automotive and landscaping firms become certified under the “EcoBiz” program.

Debra has a BA degree in Business from San Diego State University and an MPA degree in Environmental Policy and Public Affairs from the University of Washington’s Daniel Evans School and is a dedicated Morris Dancer.

Cathy Buller, Project Manager


Cathy's role as PPRC's Networking Lead allows her to wear many hats. Informally, she refers to her job as, "World Change through Party Planning." In recent years her work has focused on:

  • Health Care/Hospital Pollution Prevention
  • Household Pharmaceutical Waste Return Pilot Project
  • Seminar Planning, Facilitation and Follow-up
  • Project Management/Meeting Facilitation for Ongoing Work Groups

Before joining PPRC in 1997, Cathy worked in consulting and for major industries on environmental impact statements, hazardous waste facility permit acquisition, and regulatory training seminars. At Univ. of California, Santa Cruz she majored in environmental planning/community studies, with several "real-world" internships in city and neighborhood planning departments.

Cathy's enduring interests are sustainability, community-building, and transforming positive ideas into tangible reality. She volunteers with organizations like Whidbey Institute and the Center for Ethical Leadership, and serves on the board of Sound Circle Center: a regional resource for Waldorf School teacher training/adult education. Cathy enjoys time with friends and family, and diversions like travel, biking, swimming, reading, knitting and gardening. She continues to pursue the elusive state of Complete Basement Cleanout.

Michelle Gaither, Industrial Engineer


Michelle is PPRC's resident super sleuth, who helps find answers to ANY type of question relating to pollution prevention and the environment. Her current projects include:

  • Integrating lean manufacturing and environmental methods for synergistic results
  • General search on a variety environmental inquiries

Michelle has an M.S. in Environmental Science and a B.S. in industrial engineering, and career experience in both areas. The two disciplines complement each other in addressing environmental issues and solutions. Prior to PPRC, Michelle's work experience included: management of research projects for the Clean Washington Center to develop applications for using recycled materials; Support of the labwide "Environmental Sustainability Project" for Battelle / Pacific Northwest National Labs at the Hanford site; and, manufacturing engineering at a successful electronics company.

Beyond PPRC time, Michelle enjoys raising four children, organic gardening, playing and coaching basketball and softball, home improvement, and hosting dinner parties with her husband at their West Seattle home.

Ken Grimm, Industry Outreach Manager


Ken joined PPRC after working extensively in the manufacturing sector. He draws on this expertise while working with various industry sectors, and the challenges they face while simultaneously becoming more competitive and "green." Contact Ken for information on:

  • Technical and Regulatory Analysis
  • Business Drivers and Incentives
  • P2 Barriers and Opportunities in Manufacturing
  • P2 Results Measurement
  • Technology Diffusion
  • Environmental Management Systems

After leaving college, where his major emphasis was psychology (P2 is all about behavior change, right?!), Ken spent some time in the autobody trade before embarking on a seventeen-year journey in the metal fabrication industry. After stints as a lead painter and supervisor, Ken spent the last six years acquiring a hat collection which included ETC (Employee Transportation Coordinator), ISO 9000 Internal Auditor, Safety Director, Human Resources Manager, and Environmental Coordinator. He received an award of recognition from the mayor for his work as an ETC and has many years of no violation inspections from the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency to his credit, including one which called the facility a model company in the four-county area they regulate.

Outside of work Ken enjoys a variety of activities with friends and family, including fishing, camping, hiking, backpacking, cooking and motorcycle riding. He builds computers as a hobby and currently has 50+ systems in the homes of friends, relatives and neighbors.

Brian Penttila, Chemical Engineer


Brian’s primary focus is reducing risk from chemical exposure through source reduction. His interests include assessing risk of consumer and worker exposures and partnering with businesses to identify alternatives for hazardous or suspect chemicals.

Brian is also supporting PPRC’s efforts to increase awareness of the links between pollution prevention and climate change, and addressing technical challenges of calculating emissions. Along with staff environmental engineer Michelle Gaither, he responds to Rapid Research requests from technical assistance providers in Region 10.

Contact Brian for inquiries regarding:

  • alternative chemical assessment or solvent replacement
  • source reduction and industrial/commercial pollution prevention resources
  • green chemistry principles and life-cycle assessment
  • estimating GHG emissions for non-standard processes
  • resources for industrial energy efficiency

Brian has a PhD and MS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Rochester and a BS in Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania. He has extensive industrial experience in new product and process development, experimental design, manufacturing technical support, and test method development from physical testing through analytical chemistry.

Sadly to say, his greatest joy is technical problem solving, so, when not actually solving problems, he is probably talking about them while entertaining dinner guests, traveling to distant lands, or pursuing other interests and volunteer activities.

Jonathan Stumpf, Communications Manager


Jonathan coordinates and supports PPRC’s various communication outlets while strategically growing the digital face of the organization. He works on the dissemination of PPRC's projects and research through both traditional and new media tactics, while also balancing the website, news, marketing, and outreach efforts.

Contact Jonathan regarding:

  • media and interview requests
  • information about PPRC's programs or a specific project
  • website updates or inquiries

Jonathan joined PPRC after graduate school at the University of Montana where he received a M.A. in Journalism, specializing in digital media. When time allows, he still freelances for a variety of outdoor, environmental, and news publications.